Next Training Course

Date: 24th to 28th February 2020
Honourable Artillery Company
Finsbury Barracks
City Road
The nearest tube station is either Old Street or Moorgate.
Price: Total cost is £495 plus VAT = £594
Early bird offer ----- Pay before the 31st December 2019 and pay £445 plus VAT = £534
If you would like to join the course or have any further questions please contact:
Tel:0800 023 6512

SRI provides bespoke training for law enforcement, military units, intelligence agencies and the private sector to identify and develop Super Recognisers from within their own ranks. Such individuals already exist within the above organisations but may not even know that they have such innate skills. The skills cannot be taught - they are preternatural to a small group of very special individuals who can be developed and enhanced to make them powerful and unique crimefighters within their own right.
Our training includes;

  • Super Recogniser development and training supervisors.
  • Powers and the law.
  • Statements and evidence giving.
  • Linked series identification.
  • Image comparison.
  • Behavioural detection/analysis.
  • Gait analysis.
  • Facial mapping.
  • Fundamental investigation skills.
  • Evidence and the courts.
  • Post event CCTV analysis.
  • And much more...

Our courses are prepared and delivered by the World's leading academics in super recognition and behavioural detection/analysis. They are certified and approved by the Association of Super Recognisers (ASR), the professional body representing super recognisers globally and who set and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, independence and impartiality of their associates.